What do we offer?

Antenatal Classes in Wimborne-Dorset’s only Midwife AND Health Visitor-Led

Private Health Visiting Service

Intelligent, evidence-based and taught by the best instructors, our invaluable classes make learning fun and leave you with friends for life. 

Our  Antenatal Classes typically cover Relaxation techniques to enable you to experience deep relaxation (hypno-birthing), Birth and labour, Preparation for home or hospital birth, Birth-partner’s role, Pain relief, Environment, Different types of birth, Optimal birthing positions, How to have a positive c- section, Induction of labour, The fourth trimester,  Bringing baby home-what to expect, Practical hints & tips, Feeding, Sleep, Emotions, Bathing, Skin to skin, Baby carrying, Brain development and so much more!


Happiccino (https://www.happyccino.co.uk/) is just PERFECT for our Antenatal Classes in Wimborne
It’s big, has plenty of parking and just has the most magical vibes of cosiness and joy…perfect for making new friends!

HYGGE, if you will!


Course dates are open to anyone one from 25 weeks onwards just book online via Paypal and you will receive a confirmation email 

The course is 6 hours long broken down into 3 x 2 hour classes

The course runs on the first 3 Monday evenings of every month from 7.30pm until 9.30pm

      All courses are face-face and cost £149 which includes you and your birth partner

More reasons to join the club

  • Here for you as soon as you register onto our antenatal course

    As soon as you sign up to our antenatal course Suzy and I will be at your disposal if you have any questions, concerns or just need a kind ear and some reassurance.  This is very useful at a time when the NHS is often unable to deliver the care and support you need at such an important time of your lives. We are here for you.

  • Make friends for life

    Having friends with similar aged babies is one of the best bits about becoming a parent.  When you register onto our antenatal course we set up a WhatsApp group (no pressure to be included but its a great way to kickstart those friendships!)

    You are given a FREE ticket worth £20 to one of our fabulous baby events to attend with all your new friends. Take at look at what we do here: Postnatal events

  • Resources

    Instagram @betterstartbabyclub

    This is a carefully written guide to having a baby.  Instead of googling your questions about caring for your baby you will find the most up-to-date information on this page covering all aspects of parenthood.  Its the perfect accompaniment for our classes and a brilliant resource for the months that follow.